Thursday, 28 April 2016

Soccer Single Bet Safe Strategy Using Draw No Bet

One of the most reliable methods you could use in your soccer single bet strategy is to rely on the “draw no bet” choice which the bookmakers are offering you.

Very often you have the feeling that a certain team would win a certain game, because everything is pointing in that direction - form, statistics, history of the clash - you name it. But you know what happens in football sometimes - your team is leading with a goal or two in the result, than something happens and the opposite team manages to get a draw. Unpleasant, right?

Some bookmakers offer the “draw no bet” choice, which allows you to make a little insurance for yourself. If you’re absolutely sure, that your team of choice is not going to lose the game, then you can’t lose any money, too. Because you have two possible outcomes left - your team to win (which means - you win the money, too) or your team draws (which means that the money you bet are coming back to you).

Of course, there’s nothing one hundred percent sure in football and betting, so it’s always possible your team to lose and to lose the money you bet. But if you choose carefully the game you bet on, then the risk for this to happen is generally small.

Using the “draw no bet” strategy is a good choice for a soccer single bet, because it reduces the risk to lose your money, even if you don’t get it right with the outcome of the game. Or in other words, it’s like an insurance for bettors, that they would take back their money to pick another game to try their luck and skills on. That’s the reason why so many bettors love this method and use it oftenly, especially when they want to lower the risks.